Birthday Banner.

Fabric for my birthday banner. 
One week until I'm 21.
I'm having fun with some friends this weekend and decided that I want to have a photo excursion while we're out doing fun things!
So, I decided to make a banner with the help of one of my best friends!
And after a night, and an afternoon- we came up with this:

More pictures (and maybe a tutorial if anyone wants it) later! 
Have a great Thursday!
And cross your fingers for me- I had a nanny interview today! Eek!


  1. i used almost all the same fabric in other projects too - i just love the colors! very cute banner, it's festive and screams "happy birthday"

  2. Wish I could be there! Looks soo cute babe!

  3. What a pretty banner! Happy (early) 21st birthday! What are your big plans?