Some new things..


Oooh I love summer jobs. :)
I am so pumped to have neutral heels! And I'm glad I waited instead of jumping on some of the ones that I've seen over the past couple months because these are puurrrrfect. They make me supah tall. And it kind of scares everyone who isn't used to seeing me above their shoulders (namely my parents and my boyfriend, and one of my tall girl friends). I'm short.
And my raybans are awesome. The end.
Oh yeah- and I upgraded!
Ignore my psychotic smile. I was happy.
Music wise, I've gotten some new albums as well! I finally bought Kid Cudi's 'Man on the Moon' album, and I love it. I wish I was going to his concert, and to make it worse- my boyfriend's going. Without me. So rude.
I also broke down and got the rest of the Mumford and Sons album because I love them.
And also... a couple of songs from Selena Gomez and the Scene.
Don't judge me.

 (it's okay you can judge. i'll just be jammin away to poppy melodies)


  1. love the shades, can I have them? ;)
    hehe what do you think of my photoblog?

  2. I love a stacked heel! They look good AND I don't feel like my feet are being stabbed with nails. :P

  3. fab shoes, classic shades! and a little pop music never hurt anybody :)