Bits of my Spring Break.

Spent the past week at the Houston Rodeo, and in Colorado with my favorite people! Feeling very lucky, and blessed lately. Sometimes a vacation is all you need to get a new perspective on life at home. The roomie and I are already planning a new vacation for the summer!
The boyfriend turned 22 on Friday, and I'm the last of my friends to be 21... until late July... still a long way away. It's a good thing I enjoy being younger than everyone!
I start a new internship tomorrow, and with school and being a nanny- I plan on being very busy! I'm nervous, but can't wait to start. New chapters can be fun, yes? 
In other other news.. The Hunger Games comes out this week! AHHHHH yes! Midnight showing in another town with my besties? Yes. Driving home early morning with barely any sleep to go to work? Yes again.
Seeing it on Saturday again with my sister? Triple yes.
It's going to be a crazy week.

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