mo money mo problems.

There is nothing harder for me in the world than spending money (sometimes). I tend to shop in bursts rather than a little here and a little there. Over the past couple of months I've been collecting little prints and paintings that I want to buy for my room on my Artzy Pinterest Board. I've found a bunch that I love, and now am itching to buy them! Here's the round-up:

Now to start buying... one at a time... so painful. ;)


  1. AH I'm in love with some of these. I've seen the one of the couple whose faces are blurred together here and there and I"m IN LOVE with it. So perfect. And the Hunger Games one!? AHHH. I'm kind of the same way (spending wise). It's bad... and good, too!?

    Thank you for your comment:) I read them all!

  2. All favorites, all lovely.
    "Real." Always!