This is a weekend spent focusing on myself (everyone may be super busy..), so I went to Pinterest.

If I ever do this again, I plan on using fabric and not tissue paper.
Tissue paper and I do not get along. At all. Like I ended up ripping up a whole section of my red one. Because we're not really friends... and I hadn't eaten dinner yet. 
Also, while tissue paper is pretty and light, I feel like fabric will be heavier and therefore not blow around so much... since I will be hanging this in my room, this is an issue I must face.
So, right now it's hung up over my desk against a white wall and I'm thinking it'll look so much nicer against my dark grey wall.. but I already have stuff on that one.
This weekend I:
am reading this, and worried that I'm going to get freaked.
am listening to this, and THIS.
am working on this.
bought these.


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