Weekend Love.

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I had a lovely weekend with myself. :) I spent the weekend relaxing, shopping, and crafting. What more could I want? Nada. Sunday morning I went and picked up some beignets and saaaaaaavored them. yumyum! Ever since new orleans I've been craving myself some beignets. They are so delicious and powdery. I don't even like doughnuts, so this is a big step for me.
I crafted up a garland to hang over my bed and my measley/splotchy canvases. After looking at this picture, I really want to re-do them. I promise they don't look so weird in real life.
I also made myself a leather bracelet, which was surprisingly easy (after I ate dinner). Pictures on that latah. :) Happy Monday.

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  1. What a sweet photo of you with your head on his chest :) i think the garland looks great! Love the colors that you chose. Yum, beignets! Had some in New Orleans a few weeks ago and they were fantastic.