I am, and have been, a big fan of photoshop foevvvaaa. I've been taking an online class called Advanced Retouching for the past two weeks to actually hone some Photoshop skills... cause I usually skip over all those fun tools and just click a bunch of buttons until I like what I see. Holy moley, I can alter people's appearances now. It is creepy, but also kind of fun.. (; Of course I don't really want to broadcast all my retouching pictures because most of them aren't too exciting. But, I'm happy I'm finally learning some more photography things... it's been a while!yaymakeup makeup In other news, I've been learning new hairstyles for my awful awful hair. Eeeeexcited! And this weekend me & the boyfriend are heading to new orleans for my cousin's wedding!

Happy Monday!


  1. i really need to get photoshop. these pictures are beautiful! and i love your hair ;)
    xo TJ

  2. many props. i've used photoshop for year and am STILL figuring out things. what a complicated beast.

    your photos look great! (and so does your hair 'do)