I do nothing.

I kind of literally do nothing. I am a nanny, and that entails driving kiddos around & stuff, but mainly I sit on the couch and read (no complaints here). It is kind of my last summer of no worries, since I am graduating in December. Anyhow, my point is I really don't have nothing to blog about! But, I can probably come up with something... :)

The boyfriend and I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises & Total Recall this past week. The above pictures are at the movie theatre parking garage.. it was empty... so we took pictures. Totes normal. The lower, right picture is of the view from my apartment's parking garage one afternoon. I really need to stop relying on instagram when I have such a great DSLR getting dust all over it... but it's so easy, and fun! Can't stop, won't stop!

Last week was one of relaxation, even though I had work and he had school. We swam in the pool, and ate early, yummy dinners at some of our favorite places. We got mac & cheese at Jus Mac, a restaurant the pretty much only serves mac & cheese! Delicious.
I bought a reflector (for photography reasons) off Amazon for 12$. Boy was it worth it. There is a lot you can do with a giant, collapsible, circle. I'm sure the videos of that day will surface eventually. I should probably get out and use it on an actual shoot soon.... :)
Other adventures include editing old pictures through multiple pictures apps on my iPhone (quite fun!), getting swirll frozen yogurt with my bestie, and getting a kitchen aid mixer for my birthday!!!!!!! I almost cried. It was a moment of hysteria in which I'm pretty sure the only thing I could talk about was how I thought I would only see one of these on my wedding day! Which is not for years! So, needless to say, I was/am very excited.

Well... that's all thats new with my life. One of my best friends is finally in town, so I will be spending time with her. I will be preparing to take the GRE (watch out grad school!). My roommate will be coming back in town this week after being gone foeva. It will be a bittersweet reunion... I liked the apartment to myself (no offense, girl. ;). I will mainly be happy to keep living this life.