Turning 22.

Last week I finally turned 22. My birthday is somewhat bittersweet. While I'm happy to have one day out of 365 that is actually focused on me (at least somewhat!), it also means the summer is coming a close. Of course, in college I actually get another month of summer. But, the mood changes. People start preparing to get back into school and the regular routine of things. I will miss summer and the feeling of freedom (even when working 5 days a week). I'll miss planning small trips with friends and family and not having to worry about tests, or assignments to get done beforehand.

In any case, I took a small trip to Austin with three of my best friends. It was short, and simple. But sometimes those are the best! We got dinner at Abel's on the lake where I got a free shirt (& shot) for my birthday.

After that we relaxed at the hotel, and watched a bit of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. On Saturday, we drove to Barton Springs and swam all day, breaking only for lunch nearby.

It was a beautiful (and hot) day, so we ended up really enjoying ourselves. :) If you're ever in Austin- barton springs is a must. It's clean, the water is chilly and clear, the people are nice, and it's beautiful! After our swim, we ate dinner at Guerros and then headed out to 6th street for quite the adventure!

All in all, a quite good birthday weekend.


  1. being a late July birthday, I understand what you mean by both your birthday FINALLY being here (babies!) and summer almost being over. for me, my birthday kind of marks the end of the happy-go-lucky summer vibe and is a wake up call to reality. *sigh* bu it is a birthday nonetheless and yours looks like a blast! i spent mine swimming, too!

  2. well happy (late) birthday!! loved seeing all your instagram photos.

  3. yay for 22!! i turned 23 last month and hit a life crisis- it's just too far from 21. ugh, adulthood. and i LOVE august- that's not even close to the end of summer, chin up :)

  4. Happy birthday it looks like you had a lovely day. I am sad summer is coming to an end for you but am happy spring is on the way for me, I love hot weather and am a little over winter!