Hunter boots.

This summer I started working a lot more than I used to. That being said, I was also making a lot more money than I was used to (relatively speaking). So, I made a list of things I needed, as opposed to things I wanted. On this list, as it evolved from summer wear to winter preparation, were some Hunter Boots. However willing I was to throw down money for some brand new boots, I also wanted to start saving more money instead of spending it all. So. Ebay called my name. I got these babies for less than half the price! No scuffs anywhere, except a little on one of the buckles. No problem for me! Maybe I don't hate ebay so much after all.. :)


  1. Oooh, hunter boots!! Those have been on my must-have list for a bit now, and I absolutely love the pretty green shade you chose, just lovely! xo V

  2. less than half price?! What a steal! Really cute too, way to be sensible and save! Ahhhh I wish I had money for clothes!