I know. It's been September for 12 days already. But, I just made myself a new background for my computer. september1
The boyfriend and I walked down to Whole Foods the other night for dinner. I snapped this picture of Ristras for my dad, who I think of every time I see peppers. My dad has a funny saying that he breaks out whenever someone says it's chilly outside. Chili today- hot tamale! So lame, but it is a classic in our house. We had a gigantic poster of different peppers over our breakfast table in our old house that it also reminds me of.
It's going to be a good semester. I have classes three days a week, and I'm in love with all of them. My next step is to look for & receive an internship! Fingers crossed!

I dragged my friend Alex to an early dinner (for me) after class ended because I was starrrrrving. Then I finally finished one of my paintings. Pretty much in love because I have very limited painting ability. I did get some Pinterest inspiration, I will be honest. ;) But, I'm very happy with the results. Not sure where it's going to end up, though...

Anywho, Happy September.

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