All Hallow's Eve.

This fall has been so strange. The months are flying by, and Halloween is tomorrow! What? I haven't done anything halloween related, except get scared out of my wits this past weekend. We've determined that my friend's ranch house is haunted. Stayed up late watching Too Cute on Animal Planet (who gets scared after watching this show?), and then pretty much fell asleep on the couches upstairs... as soon as I turn the TV off to fall asleep we hear slamming doors from outside. K... we're supposed to be the only ones on the whole ranch.. then every wall in the house creaks like someone's walking around outside. Sooo we turned the TV back on to watch some more of Too Cute (seriously, best show) and find out that its over and now its some reality show about werewolves. Great. Then we find Friends! Joy! Then we finally fall asleep, until I wake up to turn off the TV and when I press off it makes the loudest static noise and doesn't turn off- just keeps playing ridiculously loud static! So I turn it back on-everything's normal. Then I turn it off.. and it goes straight off.. what the heck. Haunted house. haha. That is my halloween story for you. Hope you enjoyed. Below is another outtake from the ranch..

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