Bookin' It

For some reason I've been blowing through books the past couple of weeks. No complaints here! I tend to usually stay in the same genre of book, so I've been trying to branch out a little. That means I've been reading books for people over the age of 20 (aka no young adult books here!... well, maybe one.).  Thought I would document the ones I've read because when people ask me what to read I always forget what I liked and didn't like about books. So here goesssssss...

I found City of Women on Amazon's best seller list & it looked interesting so I bought it. So glad I did! I am a sucker for WWII books, especially when told from perspectives I've never heard before. In this case, the book is from the perspective of a woman living in Berlin married to a Nazi Soldier. The book takes you through her journey being in a city under siege, and in constant fear of being arrested. I found myself face-palming myself towards the middle/end of the book but probably because Sigrid is a whole lot braver than me & did things I would be too paranoid to get into. Ha. There are such good, real heroines in this book. Love it. A good read if you like stressful WW2 books. ;)

I read this book directly after City of Women and kind of wished that I'd read a few light-hearted books in between. This book is so incredibly terrifying and inspirational at the same time. I was 3 during the Rwandan Genocide, so obviously I didn't know much about it. She goes through the background of why the genocide happened, and also her time spent sitting in a bathroom for 3 months hiding from people trying to kill her. Insane. But such a good book (if you're at all religious ;). Really glad I read it even though it made going to sleep at night incredibly hard.

Mark of Athena!! Not much to say except I love Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson... been a fan for years, so I can't stop now. Great series.

I had never read the perks of being a wallflower until now! I haven't seen the movie yet, so I decided to read the book first! Such a great story. Easy to read, and soooo interesting. I love Charlie, and Sam, and Patrick. Hard not to. I heard the movie will make me cry, so we shall see.

Anyone have any other book recommendations? I need some...

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  1. Oh, I love book recommendations! City of Women sounds incredible -- I may just give it a go! Not my usual type of book but it sounds fascinating. And I need to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower!! Thanks for reminding me! ^^ x

  2. Yay Perks! I haven't gone to the movie yet either, but I'm going to try to this week!