An ode to Ronald.

My roommate got a kitten in June, and now he's almost a full grown cat. Ronald. I don't really know what I want to talk about besides that I'm tired of his little kitten claws. Ronald, you make me grateful when I'm with my full grown cat back at home. Maggie never claws me when I want to pet her a little bit. But, its okay. I will forgive you for literally scarring me for life. My hands will never look the same. I know you mean it in good fun. Besides that, I enjoy scaring you. When you get all poofed up, it really makes me laugh. Most of the time its not even on purpose. You do have a cute little look you do when you're interested in something. Thanks for being funny, and for letting me take your picture when I have nothing better to do.

Sorry roommate for always stealing your kitty. ;)


I got a little creative with my new tablet... don't know if you could tell. (:


  1. so sweet! also, ronald is a pretty rocking name for a cat.
    Fancy {No}Pants

  2. Love those photos, they are so clear and crisp.

  3. Wow, love those pictures, he is awesome that cat! Just love his wide open eyes, so focussed it's kind of beautiful and funny at the same time. PS I love your blog!