Home Brew

I'm taking a Filmmaking Documentary class this semester, lucky for me! Our school thankfully gave our two teachers (Media Production professor + grad Oral History professor) a chance to try out this new type of class. We are a mix of graduate students and undergraduate students, and we get to make our own documentaries (based around food culture in Houston) that will be part of a larger project in the long run.. including an interactive website and a museum exhibition. Pretty fun class, really. Anyways, my group is doing our project on the local home-brewing scene in Houston. This weekend is the Dixie Cup, a big home-brewing competition, that we hope to cover! Seriously, we probably have the most fun documentary. While interviewing some of the guys, we were forced to drink beer and make hilarious conversation (so hard ;). We got some great video, and when its completed I'll probably end up posting it. In the mean time... here are some fun snaps I took last week of the Houston Foam Rangers (so great).


  1. the quality of your photos is wonderful! you are so talented.

    xx. Hybrid Hunter


  2. sounds really exciting! i'll stay tuned for that video :)