I am so in love with this image (found here). It sums up everything so great about winter time. Coats, boots, somewhat gloomy weather, plaid, rosy cheeks... maybe not those expressions (heh). I am so excited for the cold!! I am already daydreaming about camping and wearing big comfy sweaters, cozying up to the fire. Ice skating, hot tubbing, photoshoots in the cold! Eep! Some other things I'm dreaming about... weirdly enough..

1. Chicken Pot Pie. (here)
2. Comfy, warm socks. (here)
3. Peppermint icing? Enough said. (here)
4. Sweater time. (here)
5. Iceland. Obsessed. (here)

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  1. SWEATER TIME!!! No, I totally agree with all of this, winter is the BEST and I love being cozy and warm and wearing fuzzy warm socks. :D x