This weekend has been a strange one. I've been a bit bedridden with back pain (very weird), but also had to get a lot done. We're making a student documentary on home-brewing beer culture, so I spent a couple hours on Saturday attending a brew-in. So cool. We got a lot of great footage, and I got some cool pictures to show later! I finally got to watch Moonrise Kingdom, and I am so happy. Wes Anderson is a genius. The whole thing was so great- from the storyline to the filming. Love, love, love. Very inspiring. Today, it was a gloomy gloomy day. The best kind of day! The boyfriend and I sat in bed while he helped me with some GRE studying, and I got treated to a brownie blow-out. Yum. Not too bad of a day. :) I love gloomy lighting, so we took some pictures of ourselves. haha. So here's a long-overdue-not-very-exciting outfit post. We look a little subdued, guess it was the lighting getting to us!


  1. Gloomy days are DEFINITELY the best. So is Moonrise Kingdom. And home brewing.

    Hope your back starts to feel better soon.

  2. You are such a beautiful and morose couple. ;)

    And argh I need to watch Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson is awesome and I keep hearing good things! Also mmmmm home-brewing... x

  3. I love the lighting of these photos! You both are adorable! And I love your outfit ;)
    xo TJ