Christmas time...

Well Thanksgiving is over, so that means its officially Christmas time!!! Don’t act surprised, its all over everyone and their mom’s blog posts. I will not lie, and tell you that I may have squeezed in a viewing of The Grinch after watching Bridesmaids the other night… because holy crap, it’s the real holiday season! Every year I want to do all the Christmas-y things like ice skating, baking, decorating, throwing parties, etc. Every year I always fail. I accomplish maybe one or two things on that list. This year I’m going to do all I can! Because it’s the time to savor and enjoy what we have.

It's never too early to start a Christmas list. Which is what I started doing on Pinterest a week or two ago.... hey, people have got to know. I decided this year to look on etsy for gifts for friends because 1) its usually cheaper and 2) its a lot more personal. At least in my opinion. Above are some of my etsy wants. Everything on this list I'd be glad to have in my posession... and to be honest, i don't know where i'd put a pink rhinoceros... but i just know that i want it. heh. Is there anything cool on etsy that I should know about? I'm kind of on an etsy spree... so any suggestions would be gladly noted. (: xoxo

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  1. Haha, "boo, you whore"

    xo Jennifer

  2. It's true. At this point, especially in the blogosphere, christmas is unavoidable. I'm loving everything on your wish list, including that pink rhino. Who doesn't need a pink rhino?? ;)


  3. We were really on the same page today :)

  4. I agree this kind of gifts are more personal! gotta make my list too

  5. Ooo I love the girl with the braid print :). Etsy is my go-to website for gifts.

    You should check out Catherine Campbell ( and Sarah McNeil ( - they always have beautiful prints and other bits and pieces for sale.