Literally the Longest Weekened Ever.

Wait. It's Tuesday. Where did the last five days go? To school, that's where! I've been working tirelessly with my group on our documentary, and today we finally turned it in! I have never been so sick of watching videos in my life. But, it was great. The documentaries the other groups in our class made were so good too! Never have I been in a class where every student praised the teachers and the class so much. Good job UH, you got a big point! But, now I have to study for a test tomorrow morning.... so my planning wasn't so great. But, you know what is great? I graduate in two and a half weeks!!! character This picture of John as an angry bird is also very great.


  1. Congratulations on finishing and turning in your documentary! I bet it turned out amazing. So excited for you in terms of your graduation in two weeks! :)


  2. Congrats on graduating!!! That's so exciting! I can't even imagine that day yet and yet I'm sure it'll be here in NO time. Also, thank you SO much for being a supportive reader and commenter and instagram liker. I notice, I promise! You're the best.

    And that picture kills me. My next boyfriend will wear angry bird hats and let me take pictures. That WILL happen.

  3. abbey, i like your name and i like your blog.