Webseries Addictions.

socksWelp, it's Monday again. One more class and then its on to a week of no school! With the GRE officially over (yay!), I will now be officially officially looking for a job instead of just meandering around the internets seeing what's up. eep. I'm not too worried, despite the numerous articles about why graduates won't find jobs.
night-3-2 Whateva whateva I do what I want. ;) I've been watching the freaking lizzie bennet diaries all evening, and now that I'm at the end I guess I'm going to actually watch Pride and Prejudice because I now feel empty inside. In other recent news, I used a backdrop today and took black and white photos. I'm thinking about doing one of those 365 day photography projects... except maybe not as serious.. We shall see.

night-2-2 Any other good webseries, or TV series that I need to fall in love with ASAP? Hook a sista up.


  1. I'll have to check out the series, I've never heard of it before! Also, I need some polka dot socks in my life, stat.

  2. These are seriously amazing photos! I'm currently obsessed with Parks and Recreation! The first season wasn't that great but it just got better and better and better. So addicted! :)


  3. mmm i wish i could recommend you something but maybe you have already seen modern family which is my current obsession.