Ranch Part 2

I'm listening to Lana Del Rey's album Paradise. I love her. I can't decide between listening to Ellie Goulding's Halycon album or Lana's... tough decisions. Always. I'm on anti-inflammatory meds for my back (yay I finally got to a doctor!). I'm reviewing for the GRE this weekend. Praying I can get through 4 and a half hours with my back this way. Hopefully meds will work! :) I am feeling grateful for my family and the boyfriend, who always support me. I love those people.
And here is part two to the ranch pictures. With, still, many more parts to come.. oops.
ranchblogpostfinal2The sunspots are ridiculous in these photos. Love it. ♥
What are you people feeling thankful for this November? I can't forget to mention that our texas heat has finally come down to the cool 60s! Thanks, Houston!


  1. I always love taking pictures while the sun is setting! You really do get the coolest effects from the light. Gorgeous pictures!

    And my vote is for Ellie Goulding, although I haven't really listened to Lana lately. :)


  2. I like all the sunflares! I'm a big fan.

  3. I vote for Ellie too, although I admit I haven't really listened to the Lana album as well.

    And I'm thankful that I finally get a real bed tomorrow and don't have to sleep on an airbed anymore. My quality of life will improve extraordinarily, I know it.

  4. Did Lana come out with a new album?? Wahh...? HELP ME I'M SO BEHIND ON MUSIC. But Ellie is my fave and goes with everything. Maybe if you did a mashup! Also those sunflares are way cool, so Star Trek meets... uh... nature.

    1. A new EP!.... I think its new... Paradise? heh. And one of your blog posts made me look up the band Lights and I'm obsessed!!! And Ellie's album is perfection.

  5. I am loving this photography. It is beautiful! As are you and those gorgeous dresses!