December iPhone Recap.

Man, being unemployed and not in school is weird. By unemployed- I mean I am in full-time unemployment. I am still in a part time career- hah. Someday hopefully soon I will join the ranks of the busies. Until then. Let me shower you in iPhone photos from last month. :)

I think out of all these photos (and I must say- I love all of them), the last two are my favorites. My little friends are little fake hipsters. I have never been so proud, even if it took a tacky christmas party (and borrowing my glasses) to bring it out of them. Of course I love the one of me and the boyfriend, and I LOVE the one of me and Audrey, since we only get one picture a year. Hey girl, lets change that, k?

And I believe this is the end of my December photo posts. Finally catching up to current months. I'm on top of this blogging thing, guys.


  1. I'm surprised how nice your iphone photos turned out! mine really suck.. they always turned out moved... looks like i can't help my hands shacking at all (and they don't shake too much, it is just that the phone is to light i guess?) I love how happy you look on the second picture!


  2. these pictures are so fun! i love your blog! congrats on graduating!