Graduation Style.

Graduation was last month, and I'm only just now getting around to editing photos/showing y'all what I wore. :) Going into looking for a graduation dress (not that I wore it much in hindsight due to the number of hours between graduation and the party...), I had no idea what I wanted. Yes, I could go with school colors.. but I didn't want to be cheesy. Also, since my graduation was in December, it had to be somewhat warm (or able to be worn with tights). Then I looked at Madewell, and all was lost to this dress. Subtle hints of red for my school colors? Done! Then I wore purple tights... not very classic, but oh well- they pop! Found beautiful wedges at J Crew. Aaaaand I was done for. So. Quite the expensive Graduation outfit, but I have re-worn the dress and shoes already so win win!

Took these photos instead of a classic grad photo.. :)

Graduation Wear Graduation Wear Graduation Wear And that's it for graduation news..!

 Happy Monday!


  1. beautiful pictures! you look so pretty in that dress :)

  2. OMG your pictures are adorable and gorgeous! Congrats on the graduation!


  3. These are the cutest graduation photos and that dress really is such a great find! I'm obsessed with Madewell. I love that you subtly incorporated your school colors with it too!

    And your graduation cap! So epic. I was too lazy to decorate mine. :P Congratulations on graduating again!


  4. Congrats on your graduation! And hooray for Madewell!

  5. so this is basically the most perfect graduation outfit ever. congrats on your accomplishment!

  6. how fun are these shots!
    way better than the norm.

  7. Cute <3 Congrats on your graduation!!