downton ABBEY.

For the premiere of Downton Abbey's Season 3, some family friends threw a Downton Abbey themed party. We had Cora, Mary, Bates, Martha Levinson, and I was Daisy. The boyfriend didn't totally dress up, but he was Branson.

I didn't have any long dresses, so I had to use my graduation dress. To add some more length I found a long vintage slip. With the apron on top it looked like part of my dress. Funnily enough I got this vintage apron for Christmas from one of my best friends. It's like she knew I would immediately have an occasion to wear it. And it almost matched my dress!

We watched Downton and I realized I missed the last episode last season... so.much.changed. So I have some rewinding to do.

Happy Thursday!



  1. ah-dorable! i love the downton themed party idea.

  2. Oh my *gosh*. A Downton themed party? How brilliant!
    I also thought I had finished Season 2 and was feeling especially unsatisfied until a friend told me about the Christmas Episode. Thank goodness she did! So much happened.

    Love your dress, very Daisy-esque :)

  3. Um, you're adorable. Just wanted to let you know. My boyfriend's mom keeps raving about Downtown Abbey but I've still never seen an episode. Maybe it's about time....