mint + black

I seem to be like a week behind on posting photos, but that's better than having nothing at all I suppose. This week I am working on building my portfolio, which I feel is the only thing really lacking in my job-hunt. Not enough consistency, people! So. I have also read/finished Jane Eyre and I watched the movie last night... so.much.sexual.tension. that I did NOT pick up in the book! Well, I kind of did, but not to the extent of the movie! (like...really.) I have a new book love.

So, welcome to my nanny-wear. Jeans are my go-to, despite my want of other pants. My 9$ jeans from h&m are kind of irresistible. Literally 9 bucks and I wear them every day. Unbelievable. :)

My hair is at this great awkward length where I need to get it cut, but I'm waiting for my bangs to grow out a bit longer. So... this is my life right now.

Anything interesting going on in the internet world?

Happy Friday!

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