Our long weekend in the city... [san fransisco pt 1]

Wednesday night, me & some friends got together for a getting our nails did session, some make-up shopping, and some spinach & artichoke dip. It was the perfect send-off. We said adieu to houston on thursday morning and boarded the giant plane that was taking us far away from home. The plane ride was easy. We slept and we watched Roman Holiday (whit had never seen it!). We arrived around noon and immediately got in a cab to the hotel. My first views of san fransisco were of the water. Goodness, I want to live by water when I'm older. After running around our hotel room getting refreshed, we walked to a little italian place two blocks away. I got the lasagna...mmmm...

Delicious, no? After lunch we walked to chinatown. The sun was out when we got there, and the weather felt unbelievable. Not comparable to texas summer. At all. Apparently summer in northern california is in october. I missed my fleece jacket. Luckily I had my new trench coat to keep me somewhat warm.

After venturing around Chinatown, whit and I headed towards some shopping. Nothing was found on the first day, but the weather and excitement of being on vacation was enough. When it was time to get ready for dinner we headed back to the hotel... only to find that we had walked to the bottom of the biggest hill... so we hiked up powell street... We worked off the pasta lunch thats for sure. Our hotel was at the highest point of what seemed like all of the city. I'm sure the locals were all laughing at us. But we made it! We were still kind of stuffed from lunch (despite the intense cardio), and decided to split a couple plates of food from RN74. We had fries with aioli, drinks with cayenne pepper, pimms 74, beignets, among other things. Best meal I've had in a long time. We couldn't stop eating! 

It was late when we got home, so we crashed. ;)
A lovely beginning to san fransisco.



  1. wow that all sounds so awesome..San Fran is so gorgeous so I'm super jealous of you right now :O. Lovely pictures and have fun!xx

  2. Lovely photos, sounds like some great adventures are being had! x