san fransisco [pt 2]

Day two in the city was pretty perfect. We ate a quick breakfast at the fairmont hotel (a green juice and whole wheat croissant for me...#youknowyou'reincaliwhen), and then headed down to the embarcadero. After wandering around a bit, we hopped on a ferry to Sausalito! Oh Sausalito. You are so lovely. iWant iWant iWant.

Just looking at the pictures of Sausalito slay me. I am slayed. Will you just look at the fog creeping over? So lovely. We ate lunch at the Trident and shopped for a very short amount of time before catching a taxi to muir woods...Which is where we'll pick up next time... ;)


  1. You take gorgeous pictures!! My favorite has to be the one that starts off sort of dark and then looks toward the beautiful hillside on the ocean and flower pot!

    xo, B

  2. there's such thing as a whole wheat croissant? that sounds incredible.