the 4th at the lake.

On July 5th we packed up and headed off to the lake to celebrate the 4th procrastination style. I didn't take too many photos and videos, but sometimes a relaxed weekend calls for no electronics around. Friday afternoon we took a nap and waited for friends to arrive, and then sat out on the dock watching boys fish. We had a clash between pups and had to keep em' separated until Saturday when they learned to be best friends (apparently introducing dogs is a tricky matter). We floated around Saturday while the boys napped after an early morning fishing trip. I finally got to lay out. I feel like I haven't been out all summer. Remember how I wanted a beach? This is as close as I've gotten... summers not over yet! To conclude the weekend we shot off fireworks and played a game called 5 second rule... where you have to name three things of each given category in five seconds. Its pretty tough.

The fireworks were gorgeous, and I will share more once I finish editing the accompanying video!

Happy Friday! This weekend is about anniversaries and barbecues...

Also did I mention that one of the boys shot an arrow through a giant fish? Cause that happened... (see picture #3)


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