anniversary weekend

Last friday was me and the boyfriend's SIX year anniversary. Good lord the time is passing so quickly. I was just sixteen going on seventeen and now I'm twenty-two going on twenty-three... insanity. John has been my constant through bouts of loneliness and anxiety, changing majors, graduating high school AND college, etc. etc. I could go on forever. He really is my favorite person. I am so lucky to have dated him for this long, and I will love him fo-eva whether we're together or apart.


I got him shoes. He took me to the circus.

Saturday, I met up with the lady whose basically my little sister. We shopped a bit and checked out a new restaurant on washington ave called Hollister. Its a cute brunch place open until 2:30, but they stayed open for us until 3:00 even after the chef had gone. I wanted beignets, but since the chef had headed out I had to settle for mac & cheese and bacon... little did I know I wasn't settling... there were CHEETOS on my mac&cheese! It's like they knew me...

Sunday, we met up at friend's house for a bbq. I took over desserts and whipped up these and these. We sat outside and drank sangria while the boys played bocce ball and lacrosse. Even though it was hot outside, we lived it up! A lovely night with some lovely people. Ended with board games... of course.

All in all, a perfect weekend!


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  1. Happy day! You two make an adorable couple. Check out my blog!