What I'm buying lately...

This summer I dedicated my shopping time to finding a perfect summer dress. I don't think I found it yet. But I did get some that are pretty darn close to what I imagined. So you can imagine I'm not too upset about it. I also told myself at the beginning of summer no more shorts. NONE. NO MORE. I have too many! But, I floundered and bought the perfect pair of jean shorts from j crew. I am so glad I got em' when they were on sale because I wear them a.lot. Try every day. Wrinkles are my friend. The linen tees from j crew are also a fav summer choice for me... i bought one late spring and it got holes upon holes in it and i was so upset! But I got another one when they were on sale and so far so good. I'm thinking it was my washer?? Ain't nobody got time for holes in new shirts.

Have y'all seen these triangl bikinis?? I fell hard for them, but didn't want to drop 99$ for a swimsuit...until i broke down and did ha ha ha. Alas, it was too small in the chest area. BUT it was so cute. (I am still sad about it. But hello $$$)


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