the 4th weekend through my eyes.

This week is going to be fun! I'm jetsetting to san francisco on thursday for a long weekend. I've never been to california AT ALL, so I am psyched. It is also my birthday weekend (i almost forgot). So if anyone knows something I should NOT miss out on while in "the city" please do let me know! Other than that I'll be working a bit, and TRYING TO FIGURE OUT MY LIFE. no big deal.

Anywho. Back to the meaning of this post. The fourth of july was already two weeks ago (time goes so quickly- sob) and I just now got around to editing the videos I took. We got some great fireworks that made the neighbors ooh and aahh... we also had some that made a little kid boo us. UM SORRY. :) Anyway, its not the most exciting of videos but i'm happy to have documented it accurately... a relaxed weekend full of games, yummies, and fireworks, oh and friends and family of course.

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