jam-packed weekend.

Last weekend was so very busy. In a good way. But, also a tiring way. It all started on thursday, when my two sisters came into town with their little girls. We had a full house at my parent's place! We caught up & headed to an exciting dinner where we feasted on mexican food- of course! Pretty much everything is exciting when there are three little girls to hang with. On Friday, we celebrated the roommate's boyfriend's birthday at another mexican place! El Gran Malo is a cool little place where they have specialty infused tequilas! All of us tried a different one... I got a strawberry lavender margarita. It was like drinking a flower. The boyfriend got a beef jerky thyme margarita... gross. He just had to try it. After dinner we headed to midtown for a little bit of craziness. Other than a lost phone, all ended well.

Which leads to Saturday. I had planned to take a day off to hang alone with myself. You know those days. But THEN my friend alex texted me to hang out & even said I could help him shop... so, I couldn't say no. It was a grand success that included icees. THEN THEN THEN we went to white linen night in the heights. A giant block party of crafts, music, drinking, and food trucks! We couldn't find parking so we rode bikes which turned out to be a nice way to spend the night (despite the humidity). After it ended we were all too sticky to head out to a bar, so we plopped in front of a tv and watched accepted and half an episode of the vineyard... i don't even know what to say about that show... Sunday we gathered AGAIN for a backyard bbq/pool party. I went home a little early and organized my bathroom and desk area. It was much needed. Then I slept so I wouldn't be dead on monday... it kind of worked... :)

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