our trip's end. [san fransisco pt 4]

Our final full day in San Fransisco happened to fall on my 23rd birthday. It was overcast and chilly, but I love the feeling of cold cheeks and warm coats... so it really was the perfect weather for my birthday. We decided to go to golden gate park in the morning and spend the afternoon shopping. It was the perfect saturday. If I lived in that city i would try and replicate that day whenever possible... Is there anything better than walking around an amazing park in the cool weather and then heading to bloomingdales? No, there is not.

After a half day of shopping (it was not enough), and running four blocks about three times (whitney forgot her shopping bag!), we met my parents for dinner at cha cha chas in the haight-ashbury district. If I could remember just one thing about san fransisco it would be the food. I thought we were spoiled here in houston with great food, but if you're not good in san fransisco you cannot stay... all the restaurants near us all had at least four stars. So, you can imagine the wonderful highs we got after every meal. Add in sangria and you have a real party. Which is exactly what happened at cha cha chas. We had another drink at the top of the mark and then I got serenaded by the band with a happy birthday song and don't stop believing by journey. It was a very nice beginning of my 23rd year!

We shopped the next morning and got a yummy brunch before heading to the airport. I had forgotten how great my own bed was.



  1. San Fran is lovely. Love the way you took these photos! Any specific technique/editing?

    1. Thanks! Half of these I used the vsco app on my phone! For others, I use vsco's toolkit and brighten the greens & a little bit of sharpness. :)