Muir Woods [san fransisco pt 3]

After taking a puke-inducing taxi ride to muir woods, we stumbled out and made our way into the trees. Boy does California have good trees. They quickly made us forget all about our motion sickness. Us Houstonians like things flat and unwindy apparently. We wandered for a couple of hours through the redwoods. None of us thought very clearly about clothes. I think we were some of the most dressed up people there. Most people wore tennis shoes and comfy clothes- but not us! Thankfully the trail we took was easy to maneuver and my feet only hurt a little bit afterwards.

I can't believe those massive trees! At the end I even got some socks to take home (do I fall for tourist traps, or what?). I have worn them every night. They are seriously comfy. After taking another long taxi ride back down to Sausalito, we headed back to our hotel for dinner and dessert. Please acknowledge the beautiful raspberry marshmallow s'mores fondue... After dessert and some live music, we headed out to meet my friend's older brother & fiancee for drinks to celebrate my upcoming birthday. At midnight we raised our drinks and welcomed in my 23 year. They told me it was their favorite year, so I am staying optimistic!




  1. SO PRETTY!!! where is your blue jacket from?? i LOVE it!

    1. It's from H&M! I love it too! (:

  2. i'm really loving your SF posts, i can't wait to go back!