Where I've been & Where I'm Going

I can't believe that this was the last week of summer! The girls I nanny go back to school monday, which means I go back to nannying part-time and doing a bunch of other little things on the side.

I have realized (although it is somewhat obvious) that I do much better when I keep myself accountable. Whether it be through planners, or phone notifications, or making plans with people- it all works for me. I just have to DO IT. Otherwise I get caught up in one thing and then don't finish anything. It has worked so far this week. I do things in little steps because I get overwhelmed and anxious very easily as a post-grad. BUT- the good news is that I am already seeing rewards from just a couple days of pushing myself. It is really incredible.

So here is to the next step.

Apparently I really like my feet...


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