dear blogosphere: episode 1

Regarding hats.

I have a love affair. A strange love affair. In which I search and search and search for the perfect thing, and upon finding it, I wear it once (lovingly, I might add), and then place it happily on a shelf... never to be worn again. Why is this? Am I a victim to the thrill of the hunt? I'm not sure, but I do know that I hope with this hat it's different. I almost referred to the hat as baby, which speaks for itself I guess. I have feels for this hat. Feels. It helps that it has a giant H on it to show love to my lovely town. Also helps that I got it for free! For my birthday! Oh baseball hat, stay with me for life. (I told y'all, it's a weird love affair.)

Wish me luck on my adventure. I'm already dreaming of wearing this baby to the lake in a couple weeks. It will join me on a float, on a boat, and... in my tote...? Yikes.

Happy Monday.



  1. It's always the thrill of the hunt. Always. I do the same thing all the time, especially with accessories! It's also because I get lazy with accessories and just walk out the door without thinking about them.

    But anyway, I love such a casual baseball cap with this outfit, softening down that dress. You look lovely! :)


  2. Haha this is absolutely adorable! I love the pretty white dress, and the cap just makes it even more fun.

  3. You look adorable! Following you, hope you follow back.