Can we ignore all the imperfections in these photos, and just focus on the fact that I did an outfit post... again? This must be some record. Yes, I know that my belt is one hole too loose, and I know that my manicure is chipped (and frankly just a mess), and I know that my legs are freakin' pale... but hey, who is perfect? Not I.

I bought this sweater at H&M last week and it is just perfectly oversized. I have cuddled up in it multiple times despite the fact that it is still in the 80s most days here. My room gets cold, k? I ALSO picked up this lovely plum colored nail polish from target (I can never not buy anything in target. its a disease.). Anyhow, I love it. It is going to be my staple color for fall. As you can see I am still wearing shorts because it is still freakin warm here. I know you can't tell because I am a winter shade of pale.
Sweater--H&M// Necklace--J Crew// Blouse--Zara// Shorts--J Crew// Boots--Steve Madden//
Belt--Ann Taylor// Nail Polish--Essie Bahama Mama//

These days are really going by too fast. Decisions need to be made, and I need to step UP. But I am tired and just want to read. Am I the only one plagued by this? There is literally not enough time in the day. By the time I'm in bed it's at least midnight and I have to wage war on debating whether or not to read a bit before I pass out. One day there will be time for rest and relaxation, right? One day...

Until then I'll be keeping busy.



  1. You look beautiful in that first picture! I love the color of your nails!

  2. Forget your freakin' cute outfit. I just wanna talk about your brilliant blue eyes. And no, I'm not a lesbian. You're eyes are just amazing.

    1. Oh well thank you! I think I have finally grown to love them... (;

  3. that plum is something else. I'm going to have to try it sometime soon.

  4. You are adorable! I love the way you write and your outfit is sooo cute. Love the jumper!


  5. You are absolutely gorgeous girl! And you have such an adorable blog!
    xo TJ