A little October Haul...

Last week I stopped into Sephora to replace my empty Detox Dry Shampoo by Drybar, and it started a chain of events. You know how those days go? I walked out of Sephora with my favorite dry shampoo (at least I got what I went for, right?), and a new lip butter by Korres. So far I am LOVING it. It's really moisturizing, and not too intense of color.

So, after I left Sephora I decided to step into Origins... why? I don't know. No pressing reason besides the fact that it was there. So while I walked in, I was like oh maybe I'll get that face wash I like. What did I leave with? Goodies. Lots of goodies. Anywho, I go on about it in the video below if you want to hear more. :)

Happy hump daaaaaaaay :)

Can you believe it's halloween tomorrow? Anyone got any good costumes?

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