all hallow's eve...

Halloween was a good time. I ran around all day in order to get the things I needed for a last minute costume (or a couple last minute costumes) and in order to brings some snacks to our friend's house for a halloween party. I went as John Darling from Peter Pan (wendy's younger brother) and the boyfriend went as robin hood. I made his hat the morning of halloween from a five minute youtube video. I am rather proud of that fleece thing. Originally I was going to go as Leslie Knope (I had the badge and everything!), but I determined it was too easy of a costume. I wanted a challenge. It was certainly a challenge finding harry potter glasses to match my costume. But I got them!

There were so many trick-or-treaters at our friend's house that we ran out of candy. My parents said they got hundreds of kids. One of my mom's friends counted over 650 kids! How is this possible?! hah. Good ol' american traditions. :)

Happy (late) Halloween!

PS I did not get to watch halloweentown this year and am pretty sad about it. Maybe this week. :)

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