Happy Weekend.

This weekend was full of love and friends and family.

We started out at Cyclone Anaya's on Friday night. Our group of friends has been separated for a couple of weeks and we finally got to reunite over jumbo margaritas and amazing mexican food. I said I wasn't going to drink that night but... I lied. Jumbo margaritas will do that to you. Oh well. Win some, lose some. Also, there are a lot of interesting pictures of me wearing red glasses. Get out of that what you will...

Skipping Saturday (back to that in a minute), on Sunday the boyfriend and I headed over to Torchy's for lunch, where he tried out the new taco of the month. If you have not been to torchys (and you live in houston or austin)... GO. Fav place ever. I could die for their queso. Maybe. Probably. After lunch he headed out to study and I headed over to my friend's house where we sat on the front porch and enjoyed the wonderful cool air.

So back to SATURDAY. My lovely older brother got ENGAGED! The whole fam came into town and we threw a surprise engagement party for his new fiance! My little nieces were everywhere. I also got to take photos of the actual proposal, while hiding behind a giant bush. So here's a little peek of my Saturday:

Hopefully, I will get to show some more later, but I've got to show the newly engaged couple first! ;)

Happy Monday!

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