Lush love.

If you are a beauty blogger follower then you have probably heard of Lush. No? Are you like me and weren't aware of this fresh handmade cosmetics brand? Well now you're a part of the cool crew. I finally went to Lush for the first time about a little while ago and fell in love their products. The first time I went in the store, the boyfriend was with me (getting a new wardrobe at h&m, mind you) and I thought I would have to make a quick in-and-out for his sake. It turns out that he was having just as good a time as I was. EVEN BOYS CAN GET INTO THIS. ok. I will not scream at you, I promise. But I want to, because this store is so fun. ok ok. Onto the interesting bits:

Above are my favorite lush products as of right now. I have been using Big shampoo and Retread conditioner about once a week and oh my goodness I think my hair is just as in love as I am. I get so much more volume in my fine hair that it is just ridiculous. In a good way. I also bought a cinnamon and clove shampoo bar to use when I'm not cooing over Big. I was really surprised at these little shampoo bars. They lather up so well and smell so good. The boyfriend grabbed the jumping juniper one to take with him to the gym. They are the perfect travel size.

I've bought the Sultana soap and we've been using it to wash our hands in the kitchen... every once in a while it wafts over to the living room and everyone sighs. The smell is incredible. I cannot rave enough. I've also bought porridge but I'm keeping it wrapped up until I'm out of sultana. On the package it says good enough to eat- and it's true. I bought the aqua mirabilis body butter and use it to shave my legs. The boyfriend has used it and believes it to be the softest his skin has ever felt post-shave. So, there you go. I also got the almond & coconut shower smoothie recently because my roommate has it and it smells like cake batter. That vanilla smell. mmm. I also picked up a foot scrub because my feet are horrible. I won't even get into it. They need drastic help.

The last thing I bought is the Sex Bomb bath bomb. I was sold when the sales woman told me that the flower opens when you put it in the bath. SO i will be saving this for a special occasion. Good gracious.

Have you been to lush?? If you have what's your favorite thing? I cannot go back for a good while (because I can easily spend all of my money), but when I do I want to try new things!! (cough cough- addict)


  1. wow im so glad i found your blog! I absolutely love it :) I've never tried any lush products but i really want to try their mint julip lip scrub

    new follower!

  2. My dad LOVES the cinnamon shampoo bar. I must admit I borrow it when I stay at home, I was also so surprised at the amount of suds they create!!! I also have really fine hair, and have never found anything to give it a bit of pooof. After reading this I am going to take the plunge and buy Big :-) Thank you!