iphone wrap-up.

I haven't been taking many iphone photos lately, which makes me sad. I rarely lug my big dslr anywhere unless there's a real purpose... so those everyday snaps have been overlooked. BUT, I have been trying to focus back on documenting my everyday life.

Last Friday, the roomie and I ventured to our friend's ranch for a day trip. It's about an hour there. Right as we got close, we got stuck in road work and had to wait for a "pilot car" to come and escort us to our destination. It was kind of hilarious. If we were in a hurry it would have been infuriating. But we had time, so we went 5 mph with smiles on our faces.

I went to an ENT last week to check out my clogged sinus (ohh funnn), and the view of houston was incredible. I couldn't resist. Sometimes I forget our city is a forest in disguise.

This past weekend I got to babysit Jojo, the welsh terrier. I miss that pup. Even if she did have some accidents. She has no shame. But Ronald made me feel better and cuddled with me when she left. He was quite happy.


Happy Friday!

PS I have been listening to Miley Cyrus' new album... some are surprisingly good. Have y'all listened to it??

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