Dying for this weather.

This is the second installation of photos from the ranch two weeks ago. I bought this sweater from GAP during a sale a couple of weeks ago. 50% off sweaters! I got two for around 20$ each. I will take. Yes, please. I will probably not pair it with my leggings again, because oh hello there hips. I did not mean to let you out. By the time we got around to taking these photos, the sun was not playing any games. We thought it would be cloudy enough, but then it turned all sunny and hot, hot, hot.

No time to worry about it, I suppose. Life is moving too quick! I say that every time I post something, but seriously- slow down! I need a couple of days to catch up!

Sweater--Gap//T-shirt--Zara//Leggings--Zara//Boots--Cole Haan//Beanie--H&M//Watch--Fossil//

What are you looking forward to wearing this autumn? Anything I need? Probably.

Happy Monday!

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