Catching up like always...

I didn't post much last week because I was stressed about other things (of course). But now those other things are over, and life is calming down (ONLY A BIT). I've been applying to secret things and now I just need to hear back and figure out what my next move is. ANYWHO.

As you may know if you read my blog, you have seen that my brother proposed to his girlfriend a while back. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids two weeks ago and I am honored! She sent a cute little box with a sweet note and a couple of ringpops (which were delicious). I sent her back the photo below as my answer!

The weekend before halloween, my roommate decided to show us her halloween costume (can you guess what she is?). I had to snap this photo because the boyfriend looks like he's dressed up too, but he's not. He just gets very cold, and has to have a cuppa tea.

This past Friday, we went back to my alma mater and watched a high school football game. My niece wanted to meet all the cheerleaders & got her photo taken with all of them. We are hoping she will want to do dance team, but she is definitely leaning towards cheering now! It was a fun evening with the fam!

Happy Monday lovebugs!


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