Winter is Coming.

This past weekend was really lovely. There's not another word for it.

It started on Thursday, when we went to happy hour at a bar nearby to support our friend's company's charity (that's a mouthful)... and it also happened to be trivia night. We just barely lost last place in the last round, and didn't get the loser's trophy. That was disappointing. We celebrated anyway.

Friday, I got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with the boyfriend. We also made cupcakes. I have been munching on them all weekend.

Saturday, I awoke early and headed home to see my mom and her best friend who was in town! We went to target. I don't really know what else to say, except for sorry target, but I won. I wrapped my first two christmas presents when I got back to my apartment, and one of my favorite ladies finally came into town for our girl's night! We may have gone back to target so I could show off the AMAZING 1$ section going on right now. We found christmas hats. The rest of the night was crafts & margaritas & queso & the holiday & cupcakes.

Sunday I headed over to my other favorite lady's parent's home (another mouthful) while she was in town so we could watch a christmasy movie. Are you sensing a theme here? I am ready, Christmas. Do your BEST. I got to see her new-ish pup again, whose winter fur has come in. I also watched The Host throughout the day. Interesting. THEN, my lovely boyfriend came over and we played video games and watched castle. There was more queso. Perfect night.

Thank you, lovely November weekend. You were the perfect distraction from stressful life.

Happy Monday, lovebugs.


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