Mini haul.

So, this all started when my macbook pro charger disintegrated last weekend. It split right down the middle and then turned a weird blue/green color. Dismayed at maybe having to pay 80$ for a new charger (seriously, apple?), I wrapped it up in electrical tape and scoffed at every other person who bought a brand new charger at this sort of problem. Well, that lasted a good three days or so before it you know- stopped working. So, I did have to get a new charger. My scoffing was in vain.

SO, yesterday I drove on down to the apple store, where I could find no parking except directly in front of Lush. Is that a sign? But still I laughed at the fates, and walked right on past Lush and directly into the apple store, where I spent 85$. Insert depression. THEN, right next door to apple is the Paper Source store. Silly me, I walked right in. You know, to buy some cute christmas presents for friends. Well, I didn't find any. But I did walk out with two journals for myself. Why? I don't know. Do I need a reason? Then after spending 20$ on journals I don't really need (hey, i might still give them as gifts, ok?), I decided. to. walk. into. lush.

Bad idea, all around. But also a good idea. Because, you know, lush.

So, incase you're wondering. I was the only one in the store because it was noon on a tuesday, and so I got the lovely store lady all to myself. Which sometimes is a bother, but since it was just the two of us, I quite enjoyed it. They always have good ideas on what to get, and what to mix! The main thing I went in for (the only thing I will allow myself to buy, I had told myself) was the Volcano foot mask because my feet are hard and callused and basically bad. Bad feet. Buuuut they had all their cute christmas things out, and I can't resist a cute christmas thing. So. Yea.

The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, which is a blend of orange, lime, and cognac oils. After touching this, gold will follow you. As you can see on my volcano foot mask photo.
The Melting Snowman Bath Melt which literally melts in the bath... cinnamon and clove oils. Duh.
I got a free sample of their Fair Trade Foot Lotion, which the store woman told me goes wonderfully with Volcano (but no, I will not spend 20$ more! not this time...).
And I also got the Sandy Santa body butter which exfoliates amazingly apparently. Also, it was the last one in the store so I took that as a sign.

And those are the lovely journals I picked up. :)

Happy Wednesdayyyyy!

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