A wintery weekend!

Last weekend was a busy one! But so fun. It started Friday night with me & the boyfriend maxin' relaxin' at the apartment. He received his christmas gift early because it is oh so cold in houston lately and I figure he could use it. ;) (also, the beard. THE BEARD.) Saturday was nasty cold and wet, so most of the day was spent indoors in pajamas. Is there any better way? And that night we put on our warmest coats and headed to the heights holiday home tour. Which is probably mainly for older people, but we were not deterred! And it was FUN. I even found a new blogger's home along the way (see her blog here)! We even got free sprinkles cupcakes out of the deal. Who knew? Snapchat is also a big part of my life right now.

After the home touring was over, we headed back to our friend's house and took christmas pictures with their dog. Duh.

Then the other day I got an e-mail telling me I was in the first 5% to discover Ylvis. So I think I get a validated hipster card now.
I also must note that I have a christmas party tonight and a christmas party tomorrow and I am not prepared with my baked goods. Yay.

To the kitchen!

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