Lots of things happened this past weekend. It all started thursday night at our place. Gingerbread men were baked & christmas mojitos were poured. The grinch was on TV. A pleasant evening with a few of my favorites! I got a shirt with a bulldog on it, so obviously my night was made. This led into friday evening, where another christmas party was held. I received a live lobster during the white elephant exchange. That was a surprise. Saturday was sibling day. I grabbed lunch with my brother and my sister's little family. Then we went to the park where I took some photos of my niece (more on this later). It got so cold out of no where, so when I got home it was time to relax. I scrapbooked & took a bath & put on a face mask. One of those nights. Then Sunday. Oh Sunday.
This happened Sunday. My best friends got engaged! Finally! And I got to be there to take photos! The actual engagement photos are still in lightroom being edited, but I put some iPhone shots to tide the blog over. Anywho. It's been a weekend.

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