Well thanksgiving break flew by. I just realized that those people in college only have this week left of school (besides finals!)! WHAT. I wish thanksgiving had been late every year I was in college. Lucky people.

ANYWHO. I spent Wednesday- Friday in New orleans with relatives. We did all the normal things... eating, taking walks post-eating, reading, catching up... etc. When I got off our 45 minute flight home to houston, I nearly immediately left with the boyfriend for the lake where we spent the rest of the weekend! It was lovely. Seriously, lovely. I love the lake in winter because its cold and theres nothing left to do except bundle up, cuddle with friends & play foldy foldy draw draw.

Also, the boyfriend gave me an early christmas present (more on this later)! Here are some snaps from thanksgiving & weekend!

Also, can we take a moment to soak in the boyfriend's beard? It is so big that I am past the disgusted phase and into the reluctantly impressed phase. It is a weird place. He looks half-mountain man half hipster. I can't say its my favorite thing in the world, but at least its past the inbetween stage.


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