December Favorites

I made a video of some of my favorite things from december. If you are bored or interested, the video is below. :)

I cannot believe December is over. How is it already January 6th? How? Why, life? So many great things happened in December. A lot of strange things happened in December. Can I be more cryptic? Probably. Its a new year, so I expect a lot of changes. Its already been 6 months since I turned 23. WHAT. Have I accomplished ANYTHING? I don't know, you guys! Life is hard and so unexpected.

If you've read this far I want you to comment below the most interesting thing that happened to you this past year. I think the most interesting thing to happen to me is... drum roll, please... that I've decided to go to film school!

More on this later. :)

PS this is my 300th post. :)

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